Wine tasting

By many things that Pomurje-Prlekija is known by, wine tasting holds a special place. The production of wine can differ from zone to zone what gives life to a multitude of flavours and scents. That is why we truly believe that Pomurje-Prlekija has a wine for everyone, but if you really can’t name yourself a “wine lover”, there are always the views on endless vineyards and good food for you.

Moderate climate, rich soils, passion and dedication of the wine makers are the key of producing our harmonic and well-known wines. For our wine cellar we selected only the best Slovenian titles. Some came from world known cellars, other from smaller local winemakers.

Šipon-Si bon

Discover many faces of Šipon. When you try four different wines Šipon that originate from different areas of production, you will notice their original tastes and scents. Observe how the speciality of soils, passing years and a change in the procedure can have an effect on wine Šipon, and give each and one of them an individual essence.

The historical transport of the grape vine Tokaj from the neighbouring Hungary – Šipon on Slovenian grounds of region Jeruzalem made history and recognisability on the world culinary scale.

The secret of mating

Combining wines is a delicate art; fragile but excellent balance between distinctive and often contrast flavours. With the help of four wines and three simple traditional Italian ingredients – olive oil, parmigiana and balsamic vinegar – you will discover the secret to a perfect pleasure of wine.