Wine tasting

Among the many things that Pomurje-Prlekija is famous for,  tours with wine tasting  certainly have a special place  . Wine production varies greatly from zone to zone, giving life to a multitude of different flavors and aromas. Because of this, we truly believe that Pomurje-Prlekija has a wine for everyone, but if you really can’t call yourself a “wine lover”, you can still enjoy the view of endless vineyards and good food.

The favorable climate, the rich soil and the passion of its winemakers are the key to the creation of our harmonious and famous wines. We have chosen the best  Slovenian addresses for our wine cellar . Some came from world-famous wineries, others from small, local producers.

(Zidanica) Malek wall

Experience the charming Malek masonry building, located in the middle of our wine-growing terraces. The more than 350-year-old building, which once served as a farm for the processing of grapes and wine, today has its doors wide open for visitors. You can expect an exciting story, excellent wines and traditional dishes from the region.

Puklavec family wines

The Puklavec family has been associated with winemaking and the winery in Ormož for several generations. In 1934, Martin Puklavec assumed the position of secretary of the then wine cooperative in Ormož and then the position of director. Today, the winery under the name Puklavec Family Wines is managed by his son, Vladimir Puklavec, with his daughters, Tatjana and Kristina, and friends.

Verus vineyard

Verus was founded by three friends and winegrowers, Rajko Žličar, Danilo Šnajder and Božidar Grabovac. We combined family vineyards, knowledge and work, and in the spring of 2007 we equipped a wine cellar in the premises of the former bakery. We share a commitment to family traditions, as our parents and grandparents were already closely connected with vineyards and wine. Verus means true, real, actual, also sincere, authentic, unadulterated, honest. We always stand for such an attitude towards everyone and we want our wines to be like this as well. With our knowledge and precise work in the vineyard and cellar, we produce wines that truly express the characteristics of the variety, year and our wine-growing region.

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