Gifts of spring

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When spring knocks at your door and you awaken those hidden moments of love. Then take a breath and take a moment just for you and the one you love. Bed and breakfast Tasting dinner daily Use of spa sauna center daily 09:00 - 21:00 Rental of [...]

Move it!

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Move it! And do something energetically perfect for yourself and your body. Head to the top of the Jeruzalem fuels, where an unforgettable expanse of nature awaits you, suitable for both cycling and hiking. And end your active break with a relaxing break in the private spa centre. Perfect, isn't it? [...]

Wine country enchantment

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Be part of our wine-growing story and discover with us the magical stories of the most precious drop far and wide. Let the charm of the local cellars and the old wine-growing traditions enchant you. Bed and breakfast 2 x tasting dinner Wine tasting at three local [...]

Summer among the vineyards

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Experience the warmth of summer days surrounded by wine-growing hills and the indescribable breadth of views offered by a hilltop hotel. Take time for yourself and indulge in an unforgettable wine story. Bed and breakfast 2 x tasting dinner 1 x bottle of house sparkling wine by [...]

Summer enjoyment

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Sometimes it's nice to just take it easy. Let yourself be pampered and your body energised. Whether it's a pampering session for two or a group of friends. When we're together it can always be unforgettable! Bed and breakfast 3 x tasting dinner 1 x option to [...]

Bike & hike

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Take a bike ride to discover the unforgettable hills of Jeruzalem. The many classic, touring and scenic cycling routes will leave you open-mouthed. And with the indescribable views of the surrounding valley, you'll want to come back soon. Bed and breakfast Daily tasting dinner 1 x option [...]

Culinary ecstasy

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Let the real culinary ecstasy play in your mouth. Local delicacies, home-grown ingredients and top-quality dishes. Taste the delicacies prepared especially for you by our culinary masters. And don't forget... it can be even better when you do this in pair. Bed and breakfast 2 x tasting [...]

Time for us

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Sometimes you just have to take time for yourself! For our needs, ideas and visions that make a mark on us. Away from the lights and noise of the city, we've found the perfect place for you to discover yourself. Bed and breakfast Tasting dinner daily Use [...]

Relax for two

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Surprise your loved one and invite them to a special getaway for two. Take time just for the two of you and the moments you share together. Fine cuisine, a great spa break and plenty of outdoor activities. All this and more will bond you forever. Bed [...]

Active package

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Be active! Dedice for a holiday marked by hiking trails, cycling routes and unforgettable views. Relax in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bed and breakfast 2 x tasting dinner 1 x wine tasting at a local winemaker Use of spa sauna center [...]

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