Sibon Wine & SPA Resort

Beach jeruzalem

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Enjoy the endless view of the vineyards Take time for yourself, recharge your batteries and lie carefree on Jerusalem Beach. The picturesque location in the hills offers comfort and privacy. There is an infinity pool, comfortable loungers and a shaded pool terrace. You are warmly [...]

Wine tasting

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Wine tasting By many things that Pomurje-Prlekija is known by, wine tasting holds a special place. The production of wine can differ from zone to zone what gives life to a multitude of flavours and scents. That is why we truly believe that Pomurje-Prlekija has a wine for everyone, [...]

Biking trails

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Feel the freedom on a bike Nothing is better than a bike trail to refill your batteries, staying active and discovering the secrets of nature. Discover the magic of Jeruzalem on a bike. Let yourself be amazed by the stunning cultural and natural treasures of this part of Slovenia. [...]

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