Feel the freedom on a bike

Nothing is better than a bike trail to refill your batteries, staying active and discovering the secrets of nature.

Discover the magic of Jeruzalem on a bike. Let yourself be amazed by the stunning cultural and natural treasures of this part of Slovenia.  Exploit many paths that surround the resort: some are more difficult, and some are easier and relaxing. You can explore the intact nature or drive to the city for more of a soothing drive. If you wish for a more detailed exploration of the surroundings, we can organize a bike trail with a guide.

Choose a bike:

E-Bike: a new way of cycling. e-Bikes offer everyone, even those that are not experienced bikers and beginners, to drive on a more difficult and longer trails with the use of electrical power. This is a more relaxed way of driving a bike and discovering the surroundings of the SIBON Wine&Spa resort Jeruzalem.

Mountain bikes: mountain bikers are always looking for more difficult climbs and dips and wood trails to enjoy the nature. You can find many different trails in the area with different difficulty levels.